Monday, November 3, 2008

To be edited in a bit...

My calm exterior does not mirror correctly in the least
what's inside my spirit these
Sometimes I worry that my speech will only ever be my speech...
There is a new language emerging: a brand new type of typical
And though it sounds more radical than the former, the danger still remains the same
Spoken too much, it just lays lame
It serves for too little action
It is an empty rhetoric that watches time just tick... and tick... and tick... and shhh...
Just listen....
As we speak of revolution!
Oh, but good little boys and girls will do their best to keep away!
Held at arms length, power stays
When we don't do the things we claim
As we continue to simply say that we want to see these things
Want to want to want to want to
But never want to follow through
You know, the ones that are actually do... are not spending nearly as much time talking about it
They're too busy being honest.

So I'm approaching a divide, it seems.
And, in truth, it scares the hell out of me.
The things I asked for now are being brought unto fruition
With the one last final step being entirely my mission.
Well, obviously.

But I just cant live like this anymore!
Every single time that I get closer to sincerity,
Is every single time I get so tired of listening to me!

My deepest desire is for everything to be simple.
And I abandon lofty notions of comfort and wealth.
Forfeiting your rights is supposed to attract attention.
Because it is never done. It isn't even safe to mention.

I feel like I don't have the strength.
And you know, I don't. It's true.
At my root, I find I'm too afraid to call upon the total strength
Of the One who does. Because I know what when I do, nothing will be like it once was.
And I fear it.

I don't know how to live,
Oh, I don't know how to live!
I've got no more strength to grasp this thing and no more room to give
To excuses

I don't know where the answers are
I don't know where to seek at all
This muffled message,
inside my soul...

1 comment:

Asher Crasher said...

Seems like the ones forfeiting their rights are always looked at as though they are wrong. No matter how hard you protest something, no one ever gives you the time of day. Weird how that lack of attention keeps us going. Give it one more day, maybe they will take notice tomorrow. Maybe they will understand what you are saying, and start saying it with you. Even if you spend your entire life saying "maybe tomorrow" at least you were living for something. Living towards something, instead of taking the easy way out. Instead of settling. Instead of being comfortable.

Speak up, Jamie. Maybe tomorrow they will hear your voice.