Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Nothing More

These cigarettes don't taste like your lips anymore

And your flavour no longer lingers on my tongue

That short lived dance we undertook in the pale breaking light

Has finally faded into the background of my mind

And my hands are not as cold.

Sleep, feel free to come again

We put you off so long before

We told you not to come

As we piled our pasts, one on top of the other

To see how high we could build this beauty

Until time tore it down, as we knew it should

Frozen clocks cannot command horizons

And dawn does not take its cue from our desires

A hint of rain, a hurried glance

A minute stretched unto its end

And yet you stayed just long enough to comment on the colour of my eyes.

Twice I begged what wasnt mine to ask

And twice you kept the secret to yourself

Our breath quickened, our pulses raced

But not once did we forget ourselves

I did not lose myself to you

For the memories of morning are all I needed anyway

Because truth be told, I do not have much else to give

And doubt I ever will.

This mistaken longing has once again reaffirmed itself as carnal instinct

-nothing more-

And I have never felt so free.

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