Friday, January 15, 2010

"My blemishes he will not see..."

Now when the King at table sits,
My spikenard smelleth sweet,
And myrrh and camphire from my store
I pour upon his feet.
My thankful love must be displayed,
He loved and wooed a beggar maid.

Ye daughters of Jerusalem,
I'm black to look upon
As goatskin tents; but also as
The tent of Solomon.
Without, I bear the marks of sin,
But Love's adorning is within.

Despise me not that I am black,
The sun hath burned my face,
My mother's children hated me,
And drove me from my place.
In their vineyards I toiled and wept.
But mine own vineyards have not kept.

I am not fair save to the King,
Thought fair my royal dress,
His kingly grace is lavished on
My need and worthlessness.
My blemishes he will not see
But loves the beauty that shall be.

-Hinds Feet on High Places


Stan said...

Fantastic work, Jamie.

Jamie said...

I didn't write that, silly.
It's from Hinds Feet on High Places.
But it is my favourite book/ the most important book in my life next to the Bible. :)