Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A Heart Divided

A heart divided cannot stand
Even up against itself
But rather sits with idle limbs
And places passions on the shelf
Tired of the tug of war
It wages when the moon is high
Tired of the purposed tears
It has been called to loudly cry
Easier still to live a life
Distracted by the comfortable
Than to desire to be resigned
To feel the weight of every pull
And yet, as far as it may run
Towards open arms of something new
It simply cant abandon what
It knows it has been made to do
As every sorrow jolts it back
To gaze at what is deep within
Serving as reminders to
No longer let inaction win
It recollects itself and rises up
To seal its fate and speak
Of freedom to the captives
And of promised strength unto the weak
Just so, a heart once split in two
That used to be afraid to yield
Brings healing everywhere it goes
But only after being healed

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