Sunday, September 21, 2008


Really, I have to wonder.
How on earth does everything just seem to fall into place?
How does everything always just end up so right?
And okay?
And perfect?
And pleasant?
And just as it should be...
though I never would have known.

You are a Giver of the most unexpectedly beautiful gifts.
And I am an ungrateful, undeserving, silenced and humbled receiver.

I'm jumping, Beloved.

Here's my hand.
Have it back.
It is yours again.

And let's jump together.

You're the only one I trust myself to fall with.
And fall, I may.

But unless we jump...
I will never know.

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Asher Crasher said...

I have been feeling the EXACT same way!!!!

Read my latest...

That is so weird!!!!!!