Tuesday, December 22, 2009


I'll admit you stole my sleep
But I woke up to a new world
One in which we are finally able to have each other as intended
Embracing the destruction of us both
And knowing once and for all that we were wrong
And that is all.

There is no blame to pass
Only freedom to enjoy
And I am walking differently now
Taller, past those places where you had held me close
Slower, through the things we built together
No longer too afraid to look at them for what they are:
Beautiful. Temporal. Real.
And how could we have ever really known?

And now that you have come through your darkness, I know why you would not let me walk beside
The truth is that I've never anything but loved you deeply
I want nothing less than the utmost of happiness for you always
That is what my love must mean
For now I know it will not be with me.

My waiting room has caught afire
And the smoke is not worth breathing in
Newer grounds will come from this wreckage
And beauty will overtake these ashes before my eyes
So finally, I will take my leave
And remove your heart from mine

Make no mistake, the sun is high
And I will never be the same.

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