Monday, February 22, 2010

The End.

This isn't fair at all.

I can't do this to you.
I can't do this to me.

I just can't do this.

You honestly have no idea just how much I don't deserve your trust.

I am a horrible, miserable wretch.
I am a hopeless cause.

My heart is dirty, damaged, dipped in grace.
Grace I do not deserve.
In any way.
And it hasn't consumed me.
Nowhere even close.

I am branded Gomer.
I am a leaver.
I am a wandering harlot who has re-entered the darkness.
Over and over and over and over.

Do not give me anything good.
Do not toss your pearls in my direction.
Do not show me your heart.
Do not ask for my heart.
Do not take my hand.
Do not look into my eyes.
Do not show me your affection.
Do not attempt to love me into becoming lovely.
Do not show me grace I am unfit to receive.

Just don't.
I can't take it.
I'm not worthy of it.
And I never will be.

I have been too far gone.
I have been too long away.
And I have lost my way.

I am nothing but ashes.
Ashes and dust.
No beauty can come from this.
Please don't even dream of it.
You will only deceive yourself.

Darling, please, just run.
Run from this.
Run from me.
It's the only way you will be safe.
Because I will destroy this.
I will destroy you.
I am destroying me.

I find myself loving you, so I am asking you to go.
Leave me here.
Leave me.

For I cannot take you into this night.

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