Thursday, April 8, 2010

Coincidence? I think not.

Fusion, fusion, everywhere...
It cannot be ignored.

What's happening?

It's kinda weirding me out.
It a real good way.

In other news: I am being continually harassed by an 18 year old girl in Thailand.
I wish I were kidding/ exaggerating about this.
I'm talking serious emotional damage here, kids.


I don't expect anyone to be an expert on a subject like this.
Should I come out of this with my sanity still in tact, should this ever happen to anyone else down the road (...what are the odds?), I will hopefully know how to effectively coach them through it.

The cat living here in my dad's house always looks so goddamn suspicious of me.

What gives, world?

Allllllright then.
I think it's clear that I need to go to bed now.

The end.

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