Friday, April 2, 2010

...I'm not sure what to do with what just happened.

My legs feel numb.

My thoughts are stagnant.

It really wasn't even that big of a deal.
Which is why it bothers me so much that it bothers me so much.

Because actually, it was a big deal.

Maybe it was just the witnessing of the sheer physical violence aspect of it.
Maybe it was the fact that it all just seemed so pointless in it's hateful nature.
Or maybe it was the knowledge that it was cause purely and only because I am a woman.

And for the first time in my life, as least as far back as I can remember, someone other than ME decided that I shouldn't be talked to that way.
And actually did something about it.
Actually said something about it.
Actually took a punch for it.

Flashes of that doorstep in Brooklyn.

And what kind of difference may have been made had someone spoken up and stood up to HIM in the past.
Before he ever crossed my path.

Maybe, just maybe, I could have been spared.

...Maybe someone else just was.

I need to stop typing now.
My head hurts and my eyes are to full of water to make out the letters on my keyboard anymore.
I need to stop thinking now.

1 comment:

gabi dickinson said...

Oh sweet sis,
What happened? Only share if you feel comfortable doing so.
I'm loving you and lifting you to Him.