Monday, May 10, 2010

I'm sitting on a couch that I laid eyes on for the first time one week ago, reading your letter to someone I just met for the first time one week ago.
I am sitting on this couch, reading your letter to that someone that I just found out was instrumental in your being able to write that letter in the first place.
I am sitting on this couch, telling the tale of your healing, of our healing, to someone that had been listening to you tell of how badly you wanted that healing all along.

I am sitting next to, laughing with, joking with, staying with, sharing pieces of myself with, someone who had been watching you and caring for you the entire time I couldn't see you and it was killing me.

Your healing had absolutely nothing to do with me.
And for that, I am so very glad. 

My week here hasn't even REALLY started, and my own healing has already begun.

I had no idea why You told me to stay, but I think there is way more to this than I ever could have imagined.

And I am ready.

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