Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I feel as though I have been bombarded with a lot over these past few days.
I find myself tempted to say that it's too much for me to process, but I know that's not true.
It actually can't be true.
Because if something has been handed to me, it is because I am intended to do something with it.

This is one of two things.
And I am so very unsure of which one.

It is either a purposed time of escape laid out for me to confront some very necessary evils within me in order to heal them
It is the first glance out of this waiting room, the first steps towards what I have been waiting for for so long.

And even as I wrote the latter, my heart leaps within me at the possibility and potential of it.
My teeth tingle.
My breath quickens.
My pulse races.
All in anticipation.

And then I remember that I have felt this before.

And the questions that are raised are the very same questions I have asked before.
And have had answered before.
Many times over.

So I'm not sure what reason I have exactly to doubt.

The truth is, I don't have one.
At all.

But while this may be good and lovely, the question I must ask is:
Is it right?

Is it right?

Show me what is right.

I have been waiting for this for a long, long time, but that's not anything that You don't already know.
Could this be it?

Though I may desire for it to be so, don't let me only hear what I desire.
Let me hear what you have to say.

I am listening.

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