Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I just want to say

that I got a job.
And I'm pretty excited about it.

More details when I know more about it.

Pokey LaFarge show tonight with Alexis.
I think a phone call to Somer is in order.

Life is beautiful.

I love this place.
And I don't just mean Brooklyn. Or New York City.
Or this world, even, for that matter.

I mean this state of being I find myself in these days.
Moved by and for and through and with the Holy Spirit at every moment.

Purposed living.
Intentional living.

Stopping to breathe.
Noticing the symphony disguised within the chaos.
Appreciating silence... instead of fearing it.

I love this place within myself that I have found,
where the Spirit of Love is alive and well.
Very alive and VERY well.

Jesus... I adore you.
Thanks for just being You.

1 comment:

Asher Crasher said...


I love words!

I also love Pokey! Have a good time at that, I'm kinda jealous.. But I shouldn't be because I live in the same city as he does...