Thursday, October 2, 2008


So I'm sitting in Kaldi's trying not to cry.

I just had to say goodbye to the most beautiful person in my life.
After an entire day/week of constant goodbyes...
No wait.
Scratch that.
We all just said, "See you later."

Because I know it's true.

Sometimes, it's hard to be hopeful.
Sometimes, it's not.

Sometimes, it's just hard to figure yourself and your own feelings out.

Sometimes, you have to do what you know you have to do even if you're scared absolutely shitless to do it.
Sometimes, good enough just isn't good enough anymore... and you have to see what you are capable of.

Sometimes, even when your hands are shaking, you are able to hold fast to the hope that you have.
And sometimes, when your vision starts to blur, you are actually finally able to see things a whole lot clearer than you ever thought you would.
Sometimes, things just make sense. Even when they don't.

The end can be beautiful too.

This time, I'm not coming "home".

...This time... I'm finding it.


Cara said...

you are so poetic with your thoughts! I hope NYC is everything you anticipate and more. much love from STL :)

mary frances foster said...

you express yourself beautifully.
best of luck. :)

(wish i could remember that marvelous name you all told me about at lemons)