Sunday, July 4, 2010

Shepherd, I am Much-Afraid.
And I fear my own weak and trembling heart.
You may ask anything of me, only do not let me leave You.
Bind me to this altar so that I am not found struggling as the will of my Lord is done in me.
It is sorrow to love, and suffering to love, but it is lovely to love You in spite of this.
And if I should cease to do so, I would cease to exist.
All that matters is to love You and do what You ask of me.
If You can, You may deceive.
You may take me down the roads that look so wrong.
And all I ask for is not answers, but only for You to walk with me.
Steady my feet, grasp my hand, keep me from stumbling.
And when I do, do not let me lay down in the place where I have fallen.
For my only desire is movement.
To keep on the path You have set me.
For all promises pale in comparison to You.
You are the Promise and You are the Prize.
My will, my body, my heart, my mind are not my own.
Release me from them.
Set me free.

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